Three women share stories of being abused by their fathers. They talk about the process of rebuilding their lives, about forgiveness and how society views victims of abuse.

“I’ve been asked about my desire to “come out” of my silence and “why now?” I am speaking out. His passing has set me free to tell the truth; I can finally own my anger without fear of reprisal.”

Soccer Legend Steve Mokone’s daughter Thandi Mokone tells us that her father was an abusive man, he was no hero to her. We speak to her.

A paper published in Harvard’s Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law suggests that in the US, professional athletes who commit acts of violence are not punished as harshly as ordinary criminals.

“I was disturbed to see him portrayed as a national hero because that was a contradiction of the man I grew up with. My memories of my father are traumatic,” she said.

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