Contrails October 3, 2015 – Posted in: Thandi Chase, Why Speak Now, WPN

Ephemeral residue of movement

Anachronistic as scars leave momentary visage
Lingering line left in the wake of violent passage
Frigid hold a reminder of substance
Ice crystals ballooned from vapor droplets

Tears held in deferment
Cut deep into the blue
Reminder of long ago journey
Suspended for a time in frozen hold
Fleeting vision revisited

Rushmore etched in granite mountain
Petroglyphs abraided in forgotten cave
Sky holds symbols of archaic language
Interpretation prior to dissipation
Meanings deciphered

Residue patterned hue erupts
Voyages journeyed amass in number
Threads begun in other places
Crystalline Serpentine coils
Intruders upon the celestial

A Witness to hold
Empathic presence to view together
Vortex messengers ripping altitude’s curtain
Held in humid’s frozen grasp
Bound together in atmospheric gaze

(Colleen Duffy, PhD)